Friday, March 28, 2014

March Update

Did you know that in Mexico alone, there are 30 distinct people groups that are unreached with the gospel? Many of these groups are immigrating to the USA, providing the American church with an unprecedented opportunity to reach them in our own backyard. When last we wrote you, we shared that we are now working to research indigenous unreached people groups from the Americas who have come to the USA. We are doing direct research, training others, and networking with various ministries as we seek to find these people groups, link them up with churches and ministries to reach them here, and then help them to take the gospel back to their people group in their home country. As such, Jeff is doing a good bit of travel as he participates in and teaches at workshops to help recruit and train volunteers who are interested in helping to reach out to the peoples that God has brought to the USA. If you are interested in helping find out who your Latino neighbors are so that they can be reached for Christ, please contact us so that we can help you! In an effort to raise up prayer support for these people groups, we are inaugurating our first ever Month of Prayer for the Unreached Peoples of Mexico. It will be in May (think Cinco de Mayo!), and each day will highlight a different people group. We are making master copies of inserts available for weekly church bulletins (please email us to request them if your church is interested), as well as launching a blog http://mexicanmonthofprayer (dot) that will have the daily requests throughout the month, with plans in the works for a facebook group and regular tweets. Please plan on participating, and encouraging your church, Sunday school class, or small group to participate as well. Stay tuned for further news as we prepare for the launch on May 1st! Our family continues to adjust to this season of our lives in the USA. Cam’s health is stable and she is able to function well with her pain under control. Her doctors continue to investigate the possibility that she may have been at least partially misdiagnosed. Blake is enjoying his freshman year in high school, and has been participating in the Army JROTC Drill Team, the Technology Student Association (he recently won second place in the state in a digital music production contest), and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He is also coaching and refereeing soccer at a neighboring church and has been playing in our church’s praise band. Parker enjoys playing soccer, swimming, and piano, as well as drama classes at the local library. Please pray: 1. Asking for complete healing for Cam, including being able to come off all of the medicine (she has been able to reduce her medicine recently) 2. Asking God to give us special wisdom and anointing to know what He wants us to do and how to do it so that we can bear fruit for Him. 3. Asking God to raise up volunteer helpers who will be able to help us locate the unreached peoples of the Americas 4. Asking God to raise up churches and ministries that would step up to adopt both the people groups around them here, and their parent people groups in their home countries. 5. Asking God to give us a special anointing and ability to continue to learn Spanish quickly!