Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A New Assignment!

Dear Prayer Partners, When last we wrote, we shared that we were not given medical approval to return to Brazil because of Cam’s medical situation. The IMB doctor told us that we needed to stay in the USA for an extended period of time. This started a process of seeking God’s will for the future of our family. We are excited and pleased to share the answer to your prayers! We have accepted a two-year assignment with the IMB in the USA. This position will allow us not only to continue on our insurance, but also to remain as missionaries with the IMB, leaving the door open to possibly return to the field when our medical situation stabilizes. However, the most exciting part of all of this is our assignment itself. Did you know that in Mexico alone, there are eleven indigenous people groups who are completely unreached with the gospel and do not even have anyone trying reaching out to them with the good news? In addition, there are an additional eighteen people groups in Mexico who are still unreached, but have missionaries or churches making initial attempts to win them to Christ. Many of these groups speak languages into which the Bible has never been translated. But God is doing something new! Many of these peoples are moving to the United States looking for work. Joining God in what He is doing, we will be researching unreached indigenous peoples from other parts of the Americas who have moved to the USA. Once we discover where they are (which is not an easy task - but with God, all things are possible), we will be encouraging churches and ministries here in the USA to adopt the unreached people groups who have been hidden around them, win them to Christ, and then to work with them to take the gospel back to their people in their home countries. As we celebrate the season of Christ’s birth here in the USA, where God has blessed His Church so richly, it is almost unfathomable to me that in the country right next door, there are dozens of people groups who have never had the privilege of hearing the good news of Christ. In addition, there are literally hundreds of other unreached groups throughout the rest of the Americas still waiting to hear the message of why Christ came for the very first time. Your giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for international missions is what enables our 4,854 IMB missionaries to take the gospel to 874 people groups in 134 countries. Without your support, we, and all of your Southern Baptist missionaries, would not be able to serve, and the people groups among whom we serve might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. There are many more missionaries waiting to be sent out. Please pray about giving even more this year to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for international missions through your church or through , so that the many people groups among whom we serve, as well as those who are still waiting, will hear the Good News. Please pray: 1. Thanking God for His provision and care for us. 2. Asking for complete healing for Cam, including being able to come off all of the medicine 3. Asking for God to give us special wisdom and anointing to know how to move forward with this new assignment 4. Asking God to give us a special anointing and ability to learn Spanish quickly!

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