Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Wherever He Leads, We'll Go"

In January of 1936, the Southern Baptist songwriter B.B. McKinney was leading the music at a convention. The featured speaker was Rev. R.S. Jones, McKinney's friend of many years who, because of ill health, had recently returned from missionary service in Brazil. The two men were visiting over dinner one evening when Mr. Jones told Dr. McKinney that his physicians were not going to allow him to return to South America. When asked about his future plans the missionary said, “I don't know, but wherever He leads I'll go.” The words stuck in Dr. McKinney's mind. Before the convention's evening session, he had written both the words and music of this beloved hymn which we have sung so many times. As the associate pastor of our home church shared this story with us last night, I felt led to investigate further. As I type, I sit amazed at the similarities between Mr. Jones’ story and ours. You see, we have now officially heard from the mission doctor that we do not have medical approval to return to Brazil. While Cam's undifferentiated inflammatory arthritis is greatly improved, she is on a number of medicines that lower her immune system and will take considerable time to wean down. As a result, the IMB doctor has specifically told us that Cam needs to stay in the USA for "an extended period of time," and we have been told to transition back to the USA. So far, we have come up empty in our search for the next place of service that God has for us. We can honestly say, wherever He leads, we’ll go – but right now, we do need your prayers for us to know where He is leading us after 13 years of missions work in Brazil. Please pray especially for: 1. Complete healing for Cam, including being able to come off all of the medicine 2. Favor for us with those making decisions regarding our future 3. A ministry position that “fits” with who we are (and also provides group health insurance!) 4. Wisdom for us to know what to do in regard to the boy’s school while we don’t know where we will be living. With tremendous gratitude for your prayers, Jeff, Cam, Blake and Parker

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