Thursday, October 11, 2012

Medical Leave

Dear Praying Friends, Thank you so much for all of your prayers for us and for the Gaúcho People during the September Month of Prayer. We are confident that God is going to do great things in answer to your prayers! As you know, we are on medical leave in the USA to investigate Cam’s health situation. Right now, the doctors believe that she has an undifferentiated inflammatory disease that if not properly treated, could develop into something even worse such as Lupus or some other auto immune disease. She is on steroids, which help her to be mobile and have less pain, but don’t actually treat the disease. She has also begun taking medicines which should treat the disease, but those meds take 3-6 months to begin working. In short, the doctors here want us to wait 5 or 6 months to see if we’re on the right course. This means that our medical leave will turn into medical furlough, and we probably won’t be able to get medical clearance to return to Brazil until March or so. We’re still believing that God is going to heal Cam completely and that He is working all of this out according to His perfect plan for us and for the people of Porto Alegre. Please pray with us for Cam’s healing, as well as for our entire family during this time of transition. We will be bouncing back and forth between our parent’s homes and available mission houses in between homeschooling, doctors appointments, etc. With thanks for your prayers and your partnership with us, Jeff

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