Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May 2012 Dunson Diaries

Dear praying friends, Greetings from Porto Alegre, Brazil, where winter is fast approaching and school is beginning to slow down. Blake and Parker are winding down their homeschool year (in 7th and 2nd grade, respectively) and excited about the prospect of having less work for a few weeks (Cam is even more excited than they are!) They continue to be active in keyboard, orchestra, swimming and fencing (Blake) and piano, swimming and gymnastics (Parker). On top of church and ministry opportunities, this tends to keep the boys quite busy! Thanks to your prayers, all of our volunteer teams not only survived their time here, but had fruitful ministry opportunities as well. The teams did evangelistic home visits, assisted with a soccer ministry, and presented the gospel in several schools through classroom visits and assemblies. This work was done in conjunction with our local Baptist Convention and several church plants in satelite cities around Porto Alegre. Through an interesting set of circumstances, God opened up an opportunity for one of our volunteer teams to get onto a local witchdoctor’s property and to share the gospel with her and her husband. They both made decisions for Christ. During the course of that same week, we were also able to lead two other couples to Christ who were directly involved in Afro-Brazilian spiritism. During our next volunteer team, we had the privilege of leading the principal and assistant principal of a public school to Christ in their office during recess, which also isn’t something that we get to do everyday! Please pray for all of those who have made decisions for Christ over the past few weeks and months in these and other evangelism impacts. Pray that they will remain firm in their decisions and grow in their relationship with Christ. Please pray for us, our team of missionaries, and our national co-workers as we continue to do follow-up studies with new believers and work to establish new churches with those who have accepted Christ. Please pray as well for Cam, who has been having severe and unexplained pain in her feet and legs, which is limiting her ability to function. She is consulting with several doctors and continuing with a battery of tests, all of which has helped us to know a lot of things that she doesn’t have, but has yet to provide answers for what is going on. We ask you, first and foremost to ask God to bring complete and total healing and freedom from pain. Please pray as well that the tests will be accurate and the doctors will have wisdom to know what is going on so that we can know what to mention in her testimony about how God healed her! If you would like to see some recent family and ministry pictures, feel free to check Cam’s facebook page. With thanks for your prayers and support, Jeff, Cam, Blake and Parker Dunson

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