Sunday, January 29, 2012

TRANS Rio Grande do Sul

The Brazilian Baptist Home Mission Board (JMN) sponsors an annual evangelism project called Jesus TRANSforma (Jesus Transforms). During the "TRANS," Baptist volunteers throughout Brazil spend two weeks investing their lives in another part of the country. They do evangelistic surveys, pre-scheduled home visits, Bible studies, small groups, worship services, etc - basically whatever the local church or church start needs in the way of evangelism.

Only about half the number of volunteers the churches were planning for signed up, so there will be more than enough work for those who are here!

Our team of missionaries ( is helping with the TRANS project over the next two weeks in three different cities in Metropolitan Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre, Guaíba, and Eldorado do Sul). Please pray for safety, stamina and supernatural fruit as a result of this outreach.

The photo above is of the kickoff service before the volunteers scattered out to the various churches where they will be working.

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