Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Volunteer Team Log - Day 2

On Sunday, we held a training for the volunteers and translators at the common room of our apartment building. It was an opportunity for us to meet each other, eat Cam's homemade cinamon buns (yum!),review the coming week, and to get on the same page with the local worldview and evangelism method we would be using during the week. We use a Brazilianized/Catholicismized version of Billy Graham’s “Steps to Peace With God” tract. We’ve added verses and illustrations to make it specifically address many of the key world view issues in the lives of the Brazilians.

After the training, we headed off to the mall food court for lunch and a few shopping opportunities. After wandering around for a while, we met our new van drivers and headed to the local craft fair/open air art market. Unfortunately, we were in a big rush because ofthe need to get to church, but we were able to spend half and hour or so, bought some goodies, and checked out this guy playing a leaf (yes, from a tree), a guitar, and a tamborine all at once - he was pretty good, too!

After tracking our van back down, we took Cam and Parker home and then headed out to the city of Guaíba on the other side of the river. There, we met up with Pastor Andre Luis and had a time to talk with him about his ministry. We then had a snack dinner at the church and then participated in their worship service, with several of the team members giving their testimonies and Pastor Chris bringing the message.

It was a good first day of ministry, and the next day promised to start very early in the morning!

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