Monday, June 13, 2011

Volunteer Team Log - Day 1

Over the next few days, I'll be posting a log with pictures and information about last week's time with the volunteer team from Hebron Baptist Church in Hebron, KY.

The team arrived on Saturday after a 24 hour trip. We decided to eat lunch at the airport before checking into the hotel. Some of them went to a buffet, while the rest of us got pastries and met them in the restaurant. Blake (our 11 year old) and Parker (our 6 year old) ordered chocolate strawberry pastries which they managed to evenly spread all over the table, their faces, their clothes, and their hands - worthy of a picture, to be sure, but we didn't take one. There's nothing like getting the illusion of the nice, neat missionary family out of the volunteer's heads early!

After cleaning up, we headed to the hotel and got them checked in.

That night, Blake and I picked them up and took them to the Galpão Crioulo Churrascaria (Brazilian Steak Restaurant with a Gaúcho cowboy show) for dinner. We had a briefing there, and then enjoyed all you can eat steak and the boleiro and dancing shows.

After a long trip and a late night, we finally let them get in bed to get ready for the next day!

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