Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Volunteer Team Is On Their Way to the USA (Sort of - keep praying!)

Thank you so much for your prayers for the Volunteer Team from Hebron KY, that has been working with us for the past week.

Their last day was supposed to be restful (after a exhausting week of ministry), with a nice late start, lunch, and an afternoon flight. However, instead of being restful, it turned out to be stressful! At 7:30, I got a wake up call from our van driver telling me that the airport was closed because of ash in the atmosphere from a volcano several countries away that none of us have ever heard of.

After numerous phone calls, skype calls, trips to the airport, negotiations, changed plans, prayers and declarations, God miraculously opened the way and the team finally got away at 9:10 last night.

The plan (which I don't know yet if it worked or not!!!) Was for them to fly to Rio de Janeiro to meet some Brazilian friends of some Brazilian friends of a couple of our Brazilian translator friends here in Porto Alegre. They would pick them up from the airport last night, take them to a place to sleep, and then take them around and show them Rio de Janeiro today in the church van, and then get them back to the airport tonight.

Please pray that this plan will actually work! Thank you so much to Paulo and Jaques, our faithful Brazilian friends here who stepped up BIG TIME in the middle of a crisis yesterday to make something happen that I never could have pulled together!

HERE are some photos of how things looked at our during the shut down at our airport.

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