Thursday, June 02, 2011

Volunteer Team from Hebron Baptist Church, KY

On Saturday, we will be receiving a group of five volunteers from Hebron Baptist Church in Hebron, KY. They will be coming to work with us for a week.

We covet your prayers for the group while they are here. Please pray for their safe travel, health and safety, divine contacts during their time here, for everything to work smoothly with the translators, and for God to richly bless the ministries that will be receiving the team.

Here is our tentative schedule (which always ends up having some modifications :)

On Saturday, they will arrive and we'll spend some time doing some general orientation and introducing them to good Brazilian beef!

Sunday, the team will meet their translators, and we will have a time of training in the morning in the evangelism method we will be using during the week. Sunday afternoon, we'll go to the craft market, and then on Sunday night, the team will be giving testimonies and bringing the message at Second Baptist Church of Guaíba.

Bright and early on Monday morning, they will be ministering to the workers at a juvenile prison at an evangelistic breakfast, as well as the juveniles in the prison. After lunch at the central market of Porto Alegre (also the hub for Afro-Brazilian spiritism - it's a very educational place!), they will be ministering through evangelistic visits in an upper-class church plant in the afternoon, and leading small groups at the church plant at night.

Tuesday, we will be in the neighborhood of Rubem Berta, helping the church plant there through evangelistic visits and an evangelistic service.

Wednesday, the team will pair up with our Canadian missionary friend Lyndell and her husband Paulo at their church plant in the neighboring city of São Leopoldo. They will be doing evangelistic visits and leading a church service in a home that night.

Thursday, the team will be doing in-depth evangelistic visits at the church plant on the Ilha das Flores.

Friday will be for wrapping up final details and heading for the airport.

Thank you for your prayers. Stay tuned for updates and photos!

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