Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Prayer Requests for our Family During the Volunteer Team

On Saturday, we will be receiving a group of five volunteers from Hebron Baptist Church in Hebron, KY. They will be coming to work with us for a week, and will be doing various evangelistic ministries alongside one established church, at a juvenile prison, and four of our local church plants.

We covet your prayers for the group while they are here, as well as for your prayers on the home front during this time. We have seen a pattern over the years that we frequently suffer physical and spiritual attacks during the period immediately before, during, and after hosting American volunteer teams. Just in the past week, my mother has been hospitalized, I have gotten a severe cold which I’m still trying to get over and have now passed to Cam, and I am having severe muscle pain in my back for no apparent reason. We know that these attacks come because of the tremendous spiritual benefit that volunteers always bring when they come, but we also know that it is a battle that can be won in prayer. Please pray for spiritual, relational, emotional, and physical protection over our immediate and extended family, our volunteer team, our translators, those we will be ministering alongside, and those to whom we will be ministering.

Your prayers are essential to keeping us up and running in the battle!

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