Saturday, June 11, 2011

God is AWESOME - Testimony of Your Answered Prayers About the Volcanic Ash

Yesterday, we were in crisis management mode all day. The volcanic ash shut down our airport, and 203 flights were cancelled.

We asked you to pray that the ash would disappear. At that time, the ash cloud was expected to stay over our state at least through Sunday, and the airline was saying that THE VOLUNTEER TEAM wouldn't be able to leave until next Thursday.

I figured that if Jesus can control the storm on the Sea, that he can control volcanic ash. I spoke directly to the ash and commanded it to disappear, and we prayed that God would send a strong wind to blow it away, just as He separated the waters of the Red Sea with a strong wind. We also prayed that the team would still be able to leave on Friday.

During the middle of the afternoon yesterday, I was reading a chat with a meterologist talking about the conditions here, and she said that very strong winds of 150 Km/hour high in the atmosphere were blowing the ash cloud out to sea. She also said that satelite images of our state didn't show any more signs of the ash cloud!

Shortly after that, we were able to reschedule all of the flights so they would fly out on Friday, spend a day doing tourism in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, and fly to the USA Saturday night. If it all works, they are getting a bonus day in Rio!

So, we got just what we prayed for - the wind, the ash disappearing, the team getting off on Friday, and the bonus of a day in Rio!

THANK YOU FOR PRAYING! Prayers and declarations work! God is still in control of the planet, and even the airlines!

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