Monday, May 09, 2011

"I Care" Evangelism Impact in Guaíba

Saturday was our monthly "I Care" Evangelism Impact, this time in the city of Guaíba, where I have had the privilige of spending a good bit of time lately.

We started off the day by separating into men and women and having separate morning studies. As men we ended up talking about purity and having a good witness through our lives, and we had a good prayer time together.

After a roast chicken and potato salad lunch, I got a chance to spend some time chatting with one of the church planters in the association and got to know him better.

In the afternoon, I led one of a number of small teams that went out to make pre-scheduled evangelistic home visits. Another team held an evangelistic children's program at the church building, while still another team looked for opportunities to witness in the streets.
At the first house my team visited, we met a delightful elderly couple who were extremely open to the gospel. After explaining God's plan of salvation, I asked them if they would like to receive Christ, and she exclaimed that there was nothing more that they would rather do, and they were just waiting for someone to explain it all to them and give them a chance to respond!
Our second visit was with a couple who had recently received Christ, and we were able to encourage them in their new walk.
Our third and final visit was with the aunt of the new believer on our team. She was about thirty and ran a hair salon. We arrived late, to find that she was not there. However, there was a lady there from another church who began to talk non-stop about how her husband had left her twenty some years before, why did bad things happen to her, etc., etc. The guy with us went to go get his aunt, and returned with her and a friend of hers who had been doing studies with the Jehova's Witnesses.
What followed was one of the more "dynamic" witnessing encounters I've had in a long time. The lady from the other church would break in with random comments, the girl studying with the Jehova's witnesses would break in with comments like "What? Hell is a real place?," the new believer with us would jump up to show her about Hell in the Bible, and then grab the kids and pull them down on the couch, the aunt would get up and go grab the boyfriend to come hear, people would come to the door, the aunt would bring up some sort of spiritism, my cell phone would ring with the impact's leader trying to figure out why we weren't back for the closing service yet, etc. The lady with us would later tell me that she spent the whole time praying her guts out!
Despite all of the "dynamism," God's Spirit shone through bright and clear. By the end of our time together, everyone in the house ended up making a decision to receive Christ - it was truly amazing to see how the atmosphere in the house changed during our visit (probably due to the prayers of my silent partner).
We left our visit half an hour after the closing service (which I was preaching at!) was supposed to start. We raced back and arrived in time to Andre Luís' introduction (see picture below), give our team testimony and for me to preach on being an ambassador for Christ. What a day! God is good!

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