Monday, November 15, 2010

Community Development Project Inauguration

On Saturday, November 6th, the Community Development Project on the Ilha das Flores was finally inaugurated.

The week was a testimony to God's ability to move on the community to pull together and get a seemingly impossible task done. A host of people painted, organized, cleaned, laid tile, hung decorations, prepared food, etc.

Leaders and officals from the mother church, other denominations who have been active in the project, the Porto Alegre City Government, the water department (clean water is a big problem on the island, and many residents have diseases related to unclean water), and the food safety department all witnessed the grand opening of the community kitchen. The kitchen will train local residents to prepare food, which will then be sold at low cost. This will help the nutritional needs of the community, as well as providing jobs and job skills. There will also be a project to minister to the children whose mothers are working in the Community Kitchen.

The Community Kitchen will be a valuable addition to the ongoing church planting project, as well as the currently running programs teaching local residents how to make crafts and sell clothes.

While the kitchen was dedicated, it is not quite finished yet - food had to be made in the back without any available water or gas, which was a bit of a challenge :) Please pray that everything will click into place and that the sinks and stoves will be installed very soon!


usefulcommunitydevelopment said...

The Community Kitchen sounds like a wonderful project, which could transfer to any part of the world where clean water is a problem. In most of those same areas, adequate nutrition also is an issue. So this project seems like a win-win-win for families and children.

In fact something like a Community Kitchen would be a good idea in other settings where diet is inappropriate, as in many low-income areas in the U.S., or where food safety somehow is in danger.

Thanks for the post.

Jeff Dunson said...

Thanks for your comment. We are excited to see what is going to happen through the community kitchen. The residents of the island have problems related to water born illnesses and malnutrition. When they come to the community development center, they get fortified milk, bread, etc., which for many, is the only healthy meal they will get all day.

I agree with you that having a community kitchen could be a great idea in a lot of settings to help provide safe and/or healthy food.

I enjoyed looking at your website. Keep up the good work! God Bless, Jeff