Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weird Spiritual Conversation Sunday

Sunday was the day for weird spiritual conversations.

It started off Sunday morning out at the island. The four of us walked into the community development center for to help with the Sunday morning activities. Cam and the boys stayed with the kids, and I went to talk with "S" who is the director of the work on the island. She told me that there was a couple waiting in the next room and she wanted me to talk with them. She also told me that the guy had been baptized at the mother church of the work on the island.

I walked into the next room and found a blind guy and his blind girlfriend sitting alone. I began to talk with them, and immediately began to spiritually perceive that something wasn't right. The guy told me proudly that he had been baptized, and then a time later, told me that he had a problem with the evangelical church (as a whole, none in particular) because they thought they were the only way to God. He said he was visting around to various places. His girlfriend them told me that he had been going to the Afro-Brazilian witchraft meetings. He said that he liked to go there because he had friends there. I began to share the gospel with both of them, and as I finished, "S" came in and also witnessed to them. Shortly after, the worship service began and I watched with a heavy heart as this couple proudly sang (from memory) evangelical Christian songs proclaiming their love for and commitment to Jesus. I wasn't able to talk to them after the service and they left. I later found out that he had been coming to Church and was at a baptismal service at the mother church and decided to be baptized at that very moment, without any opportunity for the local leadership of the chuch plant to intervene in any way...this is a perfect example of syncretism in action - there are better ways to do this, and we'll be working on helping them work this out!

Sunday night, Blake and I went back out to the church where we had the evangelism impact a week before. After I preached and lead in communion (surprise! - they sprung that on me about one minute before the service started - you gotta love Brazil), one of the deacons asked me to speak with a lady. He said that I needed to tell her that she needed to be in the church. I didn't really understand what was going on, but as I got to talking with the lady, she told me that she was a Christian and had been a member of the church, but that she had been attending Spiritist worship services for years. However, she assured me that she didn't particpate in the casting of spells, and that she was there to be a witness to those in witchcraft. She claimed that she had won two people to Christ from within the Spiritist community and that she felt led to be there. As we continued to talk, she told me that she had a son who was addicted to drugs and who was telling her that that they needed to rebuke his addiction in the name of Jesus and to go back to Church. She also told me that this was the first time she had been in church in years, and that she was feeling strangely led to return. It was a long, weird, complex conversation. I was encouraging her to get back into church where she could have spiritual covering, fellowship, and prayer. From that base, she could then witness to those in witchcraft from the outside and not the inside. I don't know how much I was able to convince her...We left and Blake and I talked about it on the drive home - it was interesting that Blake (11 years old) had the exact same reaction and solution for her that I did - out of the mouths of children...

So, it was a weird day, but it was also good for Blake to be able to learn about and process some of these very heavy spiritual concepts in a safe environment.

Please pray for this blind couple to be truly saved and to come out of the works of darkness into the true light. Also pray for this lady who is engaging in a very dangerous way of life to come back to the worship of the One True God and to stop playing with fire.

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