Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Answered Prayer from the Month of Prayer Part 2

God continues to answer your prayers offered up during the Month of Prayer for the Gaúcho People. On September 15th, you prayed for the following:

"Please pray for the social outreach efforts of the church plant in Partenon and Mont’ Serrat Baptist Church on an island in the Guaíba river in Porto Alegre. The project has involved women from the churches going and providing food, love, and practical help to the poorest of the poor who survive off of the scraps of recycled organic garbage dumped on the island for pigs to eat. Pray that God would enable His servants to show His love and care for those who have been cast off by society in such a way that they would embrace His love and come to salvation. Pray that a church would be established on the island in short order, and that it would become a shining example of how a community can be transformed by the love of Christ and His church."

Our family started going out to the Ilha das Flores a few weeks ago to see how we could help the church plant there and community development project on the island. The needs are astounding. The residents of the island have little self confidence and tremendous physical, financial, psychological, and spiritual needs.

Cam and the boys have been helping to minister to the children (there are a lot of them!) and I have been working with those who come to the church service. Many of them are coming from a variety of backgrounds and have little understanding of Scripture and how to use the Bible. We are orally storying through the book of Genesis and then helping them learn to read and understand the Bible by asking simple questions and helping them find the answers and application for their lives for themselves. We are also trying to lend a helping hand wherever possible and trying to help steer the project to be as strategic and organized as possible.

The homeless are finding shelter, malnourished children are being fed, women who have been cast off by society are being valued and empowered, and the Word of God is sinking into the hearts of a desperately needy people - thank you for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Jeff, My daughter is 10 years old and goes to Kentucky Christian Academy in Campbellsville, Ky. She is doing a Nations Notebook that she will work on for most of this school year. She chose Brazil because my parents went on a mission trip there several years ago. One of her pages was to find a missionary that she could write about and write a paper that included their picture. She is also to begin to pray for that missionary. I found your blog while searching on the internet. We read your blog that you wrote in 2006 about "Seven Questions" This helped us know more about you and your work. We used a picture of your family on horses in the report. I hope that this is ok. We will begin to include your family in our prayers. God Bless You, Krystal Burton

Jeff Dunson said...

Dear Krystal,

Thanks for commenting! I'm glad to be of any help that I can. Feel free to use whatever you want. Thanks so much for your prayers,