Friday, August 13, 2010

"I Care" Evangelism Impact

I got a chance to participate in the "I Care" evangelism impact in Guaíba last week. Guaíba is a city of nearly a hundred thousand people with just a few small Baptist churches. Believers from around the area showed up to minister alongside and encourage a small congregation which meets in a converted house in the Cohab neighborhood. The neighborhood is crowded with small houses with a very dense population.

We got there in early afternoon and divided into small teams. I led a team with two ladies, one of whom was switched onto my team at the last moment. As she looked at the slips with the names and addresses we were to visit, she exclaimed "that's one of my relatives!" We spent a long time searching for the first house, and finally found it, only to find nobody at home. We went straight to the second house, and found the young woman who was the realative of the lady we were with ready to receive us. I walked her through a presentation of the gospel and she received Christ on the spot with no hesitation. When we talked to her about speaking to her husband, she said that he was already a believer, and that he used to go to the Four Rectangular Church (she meant Four Square, but it was hard not to laugh, especially when she was so sure of the name). We got a chance to talk to them both together at the end and encourage them to begin walking together in their faith.

It was so touching to see the lady I was with, who was not originally scheduled to go on that visit, begin to cry as she told her relative how much she had prayed for her over the years, and how God was so faithful to answer her prayers - it was a priceless moment!

After we got back from the visitation time, it was time for a snack (coke and hot dog pieces cut up in sauce on a bun), and then the service.

After the music, everyone gave testimonies on how the afternoon went, and then I got a chance to bring a message from Matthew 4 on how we need to catch Jesus' vision and methods for reaching our people with the gospel.

There was a lady in the service who had been visited by one of the teams who has cancer and had an oxygen tube taped to her face. I felt led to encourage her to believe God for her healing, and we gathered around her at the end to pray for God to do a miracle and bring her complete healing.

Another wonderful moment was when Andre Luís, the president of the association, brought over the evangelist and his wife who lead the congregation and blessed them and prayed for them.

It was a great day of ministry, and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon!

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Phill Ellington said...

Always a joy to read what God is doing in POA. My thougtts and prayers are with you!