Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The "key" to keeping your cool

Thanks to Cam's tireless efforts involving about 12 solid hours of work, a technician coming to the apartment, the purchase of a new modem, and multiple phone calls, we are now online - yay!

This whole process illustrates smething that we have observed time and time again - everything takes longer than we think that it should. Cam's car key is another good example. For some reason, her key did not start the car any longer. We spent a good bit of time going from alarm store to alarm store looking for someone who could help, and finally ended up at a car key technician (yes, there is such a thing). After spending quite some time there, he told us that the transponder in the key was totally wiped - he had never seen it happen before, but with the proper key code that came with the car (which of course, I didn't have with me), that he could fix the key in about 20 minutes for a bit over 100 DOLLARS - ouch! That was half a day.

A few days later, I took Cam's keys (with the key that didn't work) and my keys and drove to the key tecnician. When I got there and parked, I discovered that I forgot the key code at the apartment. I drove back to the apartment, got the code, and drove back to the technician. Whereupon I spent the next several hours with him struggling to first remove, and then reprogram a transponder about the size of a watch battery. While I was leaving Cam called and wanted to know where I was, because she was locked into the apartment building and couldn't get out of the building to let the lady who was going to look after our cat while we were away into the front gate. I finally got back and went to get another building/gate key made :) That was another half day.

Altogether, I spent an entire day just trying to get a car key to work. It's days like this that are reminders of the importance of walking in the Spirit at all times. Sometimes the missionary life is just about finding the "key" to keeping your cool:)

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