Monday, July 26, 2010

Porto Alegre is still on the Table

We are back in POA after our meetings in Atibaia, SP. We made it through with only minor injuries - Blake got a pretty significant scrape on his chin from a bamboo stick while sword fighting (hey, he's a ten year old boy - it happens :). He’s healing well.

The short version of our meetings is that our mission in the Americas is in the middle of a massive transition. Everyone is up in the air with what is happening. What we are hearing now is that the Brazil cluster will be dissolved. This means that almost all of our missionaries currently working with Portuguese-Speaking Brazilians will be reassigned to other people groups or areas of the world. Eight mega-cities in the Americas will go into an “Urban Cluster.”

Even though Porto Alegre is on the borderline as far as the current definition of an unreached mega-city, they are going to make a special exception because of the lostness in the area. They are calling us “Special Ops.” We will probably have five missionary units on our team, two of whom will be new (The Whitentons, who got to language school two weeks ago, and the Wards, who are about to start orientation in the USA). There is a possibility that another couple currently in language school could also be assigned to Team Gaúcho. We will be responsible to mentor and lead these units when they arrive in POA. Depending on when we personally transition to the new structure, our new boss will be in Mexico City. So…it looks like we still have a job offer for the near future, but with a new boss, structure, etc. We’ll see what happens!

Blake and Parker got to enjoy a VBS with a cowboy/Western theme put on by the folks from FBC, Oviedo, FL. Their closing program was last night, when Cam and I also received our 10 year service pins from the IMB.

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