Friday, May 07, 2010

Jeffrey Pine

Cam and I went to California for a conference this week. While there, we went to Lassen National Park, where there are volcanic peaks and plenty of snow, even at this time of year.

We discovered the Jeffrey Pine, a tall tree with purple cones (the color of royalty :), with resin scented like vanilla, lemon, pineapples, violet, or apples (fruit of the spirit :). According to Wikipedia "Jeffrey Pine is tolerant of serpentine soils, and is often dominant in these conditions." Serpentine conditions (warfare, anyone?).

So, even though the spelling is a bit off from my name (although it is the same as my driver's license, which is spelled wrong), I'll be happy to claim a tree named after me that is the color of royalty, gives off the scent of the fruit of the spirit, and dominates in spiritual warfare conditions!

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