Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Arkansas Volunteer Team Report: In their words

Brazil Mission Trip Porto Alegre , Rio Grande do Sul , Brazil

May 29-June 7, 2009.

We (the 10 of us) could not have asked for a better mission trip experience. God took care of every detail for us from the minute we left Central to the minute we got back. Upon arriving in Porto Alegre on Saturday May 30th we were greeted by 2 missionary families, the Cunninghams and Dunsons. Jeff Dunson is the strategy coordinator for that region and Paul Cunningham was the volunteer coordinator for that area.

Sunday we were able to meet with the translators, Jeff, and Paul. Jeff did an excellent job in training us how to evangelize the people of Porto Alegre . Then Monday we started off with a full day of in home evangelism. Each team member was able to share the gospel that day several times. We all saw at least one person that day come to know Christ. I had an encounter with a spiritist man. From the moment I walked in I could feel the "darkness". Right away I noticed his statue of Buddha along with a plate of rice and apple to ward off evil spirits. He is so deceived about life after death. Spiritism has completely taken over his life. I left his house with a heavy heart, but also with a hope that his Christian neighbor and friend will continue to show him Christ's love.

Wednesday we had the opportunity to share in a school. In Brazil kids are divided up into 3 groups: morning, afternoon, or evening classes. So we arrived around 9:00 am and stayed at that school until about 9:00. God opened up so many doors for us to witness with teachers and students. Jud and Heather Nix both shared how God was able to speak through them clearly and give them exactly what they needed to explain the gospel clearly.

Our team dynamics were great. Ages ranged from 17 to 68. We really had a lot of fun together. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeff and Paul. I think we all experienced the power of prayer. We had all been through some difficult experiences before the trip which led us to be on our knees more before our Savior. I know this trip was bathed in prayer by so many.

There are many more stories that could be shared, but I just want to end by expressing my gratitude to our Savior for His grace and mercy and for the hope that we have that we will some day be with HIM!!!!

Because of Him

Karis Ward for the Brazil team

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