Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Prayer Needs

As hard as it is for us to believe, when July arrives, we will have been back in Brazil for four years! As such, we’re getting ready for six months or so of “Stateside Assignment,” in Delaware and South Carolina. During this time, we’ll visit with family, eat lots of American food (I can almost smell the barbeque now…), and stay busy with promoting missions at conferences and working to finish up Jeff’s Doctor of Ministry Degree at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis.
The last few months have been full of challenges for our family. Just in the last three weeks, we have had appliances break, parts stolen off our car (again), my wallet stolen, knee problems, tooth problems, back problems, hip problems, flu, and severe headaches. In addition, we have had the added challenge of having a slew of American volunteer teams cancel planned ministry trips to work with our team and seeing a number of our dear Brazilian friends and partners in ministry go through extremely severe emotional, spiritual, financial, and family problems. We know that to some extent, life on the mission field (and life in general) is this way, and that the forces of darkness would love nothing more than to distract and discourage us through all that has happened. However, there is little doubt in our minds that what is happening is a concentrated spiritual attack, and all of this has served to remind us how very important your prayers on our behalf really are!
On the other hand, we have also had the privilege of seeing God work in some incredible ways recently. Several new churches have been established in the Metropolitan Area recently, and we have seen significant growth in some other works. Two of the young men Jeff has been working with for years now were ordained last week and continue in church planting work. The leader’s guides for a leadership training program Jeff has been developing are finally finished and are already being used by Brazilian leaders in North Brazil. We can definitely see and feel the Spirit of God moving in our midst.
Our family has recently gone through a big change, as after a number of years at an international school here in town, we decided to pull Blake out and start teaching him at home. He is adjusting well, learning more than ever, and keeping busy with class, basketball, swimming, and piano. Parker continues in his preschool and enjoys learning to read at home and going to swimming lessons at the same time as Blake. They are both growing rapidly, and looking forward to being almost as tall as their Grandmothers when they get back to the States!
If you and your fellow prayer warriors could lift up the following prayer requests, we would greatly appreciate it:
1. Pray for God to give us good health and protection over our family and the resources He has entrusted to our care.
2. Pray for wisdom and endurance for Jeff as he evaluates the lay leadership development guides he has been developing for use here in Brazil and writes up the project for his doctoral degree. Pray that all will go well, and that he will be able to graduate in December.
3. Pray for our family as we wrap up our commitments here in Brazil and prepare to transition to some much needed time in the United States!

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