Saturday, November 15, 2008

Book Fairs and Spiritism

Every year, Porto Alegre hosts the largest book fair in all of Latin America. Hundreds of book tables are set up in the praças and parks of the historic part of town. It is an opportunity for Porto Alegre to shine and flaunt its status as the most educated and literate state and city in all of Brazil. Besides some really good food (I won't even mention the delicious fresh strawberry and whipped cream creation that Cam and I ate the last time we were down there), there are a host of plays, book readings, concerts and cultural activities that go on. Many thousands of people will circulate through during the weeks that the book fair is in session.
Unfortunately, this year there is a "Congress celebrating the 100 years of umbanda in Rio Grande do Sul" going on during the book fair. It will be running until Tuesday. Umbanda is an African Spiritis religion that mixes Voodo-like African religion with Catholicism - it is witchcraft in its most base form. Umbanda and related Spiritist religions have blinded the hearts and minds of countless Gaúchos to the truth of the gospel.

Please pray that GOD would bind up the stronghold of Umbanda and Spiritism and that it would not be allowed a place of prominance in Rio Grande do Sul. Ask for God to send His Holy Spirit to open the eyes of the Gaúchos to the truth of the gospel that they might be saved and worship the one true God and Him alone. In the words of one of our Christian friends who wrote me about this "I got upset and thought, let's pray for God set our state free." Amen to that!

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