Friday, November 07, 2008

Religious freedom?

Here is the direct translation of an article that came out in our local secular newspaper recently talking about the official approval by city counsel to leave the remains of dead animals sacrificed in Spiritist witchcraft rituals on the city streets.

Despite the ruling of this secular authority we know that God is MUCH BIGGER than any false worship offered in Porto Alegre, and we give GOD all the glory, honor, power and praise for how HE is being glorified, and will be glorifed more and more as He brings about a tremendous revival in Porto Alegre as you pray!

"Porto Alegre: Sacrifice of animals in African worship is authorized
Approval Given by City Council

The sacrifice of animal in worship of African origin was authorized by the city council in the capital. The approved law decriminalizes (under the municipal sanitation code) the placing of dead animals usually used in the worship and liturgy of African religions in public places.

In April, a law was passed that established a fine for those who left dead animal remains in roads, rivers, drainage canals and streams. The law ended up creating controversy between religious groups.

At the time, the language of the law presented by city counsel member Almerindo Filho (PTB Party), and sanctioned by then interim mayor Eliseu Santos (PTB Party), who is linked to the Assembly of God, laid out a fine of up to R$330 (about US$175). Afro-brazilian religious followers protested the law on the grounds of religious prejudice.

Despite the fact that the law did not make any direct reference to creedal manifestations, they affirmed that the law was specifically targeted against African religious practices. In the practice of witchcraft, it is common to leave the remains of animals, such as chickens, on street corners after offerings to the African gods are made.

The author of the new law, city counsel member Guilherme Barbosa (PT party) said that it was necessary to correct the error brought about by the other law, because it would have caused negative consequences to the religious activities that use animal sacrifice. “The law determines that the city cannot hinder the functioning of worship, churches, or the exercise of the right of collective cultural manifestation” stated Barbosa."

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