Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fruit from our volunteer team

The following testimony is from a local missionary church planter after having received our volunteer team from FBC Oviedo, FL yesterday.

"Our family and a few others from the ministry in the Sitio Gaucho church led a group of Americans to give there testimonies and allow for questions during very straight forward gospel presentations in eighteen homes around where we live. Many of these were people we have been friends with for five to ten years. It was an amazing contrast to see forty two individuals pray a personal prayer of surrender to Christ in a week that started out with the discouragement of lies against our church. God is so good. In a very encouraging leadership dinner last night we discussed all the follow up we have to do on the families that were visited and thanked God for a unified team."


Pastor Mike said...

As a son of one of the team members, I know that there was fruit beyond the salvation decisions! Thanks for allowing others to partner with you to water the seed planted during the past 5-10 years. One plants and one waters, but God gives the increase! Praising the Lord for His wonderful blesings out of this very important "surge" project!

Jeff Dunson said...

Dear Pastor Mike,

You're absolutely right - the team did a fantastic job of reaping the fruit of the faithful cultivation of others, and also planted many seeds for others to reap in the years to come.

Thanks for your prayers and support!