Monday, October 20, 2008

Quick Volunteer Team Report

Here's the text of an email report sent out by the leader of our volunteer team that left a few days ago:

"We are home, exhausted and exhilarated. God is so amazing!

Despite many distractions, including a sick Jeff Dunson, a hurting Debbie Laster, a bruised and hurting Art LaBrack, a variety of translator schedules, a van with limited/no A/C, a tight travel schedule to Brazil, very little sleep, a dead refrigerator at our house, etc., etc., Satan could not prevail.

We saw 23 Professions of Faith (POFs) and a rededication on Monday in General Camara, 6 POFs in Alta Caraa (a community with one family of evangelical believers) on Tuesday, 42 POFs in Gravatai on Wednesday, 12 POFs on Thursday in Belem Velho, and 1 POF at 39000 feet over Brazil on Friday.

The woman (a root-canal dentist in the Brazilian AF) who accepted Christ on our flight from Sao Paulo to Miami and her husband were on our flight to Orlando. She has begun to share the Portuguese tract we gave her with her husband. He and I exchanged business cards so we can stay in touch. (They are vacationing here for a week.) Justine asked for information about our Sunday church services. I hope that everyone who sees this message will pray that she and Thiago will join us for worship this Sunday.

Time for some sleep. Thanks to all who have been a part of this incredible adventure."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fruit from our volunteer team

The following testimony is from a local missionary church planter after having received our volunteer team from FBC Oviedo, FL yesterday.

"Our family and a few others from the ministry in the Sitio Gaucho church led a group of Americans to give there testimonies and allow for questions during very straight forward gospel presentations in eighteen homes around where we live. Many of these were people we have been friends with for five to ten years. It was an amazing contrast to see forty two individuals pray a personal prayer of surrender to Christ in a week that started out with the discouragement of lies against our church. God is so good. In a very encouraging leadership dinner last night we discussed all the follow up we have to do on the families that were visited and thanked God for a unified team."