Monday, September 08, 2008

Wow - God is doing some big stuff!

Last year, when God gave us the vision to start a month of prayer for the Gaúchos, I was hoping that we would get 50 churches in the USA on board to watch the videos and pray for our missionaries and our people group (I secretly hoped for 100, but I was afraid to admit that). Over the course of the year, we distributed over 100 copies of the DVD - it was exciting!

This year, we distributed over 100 copies of the DVD right off, and Cam put the videos online. The first week's video is available on youtube, godtube and our blogs (we're releasing one a week throughout the month), and all of the videos are available for download from our website

Just in the last few days, 50 people have watched the first video on youtube, 179 on godtube, 102 on our blogs, and 4 have downloaded the video from the website, for a total of 335, plus those who have the DVD. WOW! I hope everyone who is watching is also praying!

Please pray with us that God will raise up a mighty army of prayer warriors for our team and for the Gaúchos, and stay tuned for this week's video!

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