Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update on Parker's Eyes

Greetings from Newark, Delaware! We arrived in the USA from Brazil last week to attend a missions conference sponsored by the IMB in Richmond. The day we left Brazil, we had an appointment with Parker’s eye doctor who told us that surgery would probably be necessary to correct his crossing eyes. I had already arranged an appointment with the ophthalmologists at the children’s hospital here in Delaware, and during that appointment they confirmed that recommendation.
We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to get Parker’s eyes corrected and to get it done here with such good care available. It is, however, something of a challenge to work out schedules, since it will involve more time here than we anticipated. We are so thankful to the IMB for supporting us through this time!
Parker is scheduled for surgery this coming Monday, July 28. It’s an outpatient procedure with a follow-up appointment the next morning.
Please pray for Parker’s surgery to be successful and for the correction
to be 100%.
Please pray for us as we juggle our schedules to accommodate the extra
time here for post-surgical follow-up.
Pray especially for us as we make decisions regarding Blake’s schooling this semester, which begins at the Pan American school on July 28. At this point we are considering homeschooling for the semester, or at least half of it. An added complication is that we left our homeschooling books in Brazil! Argh!.
Pray also for our preparations for September Month of Prayer for Urban Gauchos –we’ll let you know more about this in a Dunson Diaries next week. Be in prayer about how God would have you participate in touching the lives of Urban Gauchos through both personal prayer and the raising of prayer support for this tremendously spiritually needy people.
Thank you all so very much, your prayers make a tremendous difference in our lives and ministries!
God bless you!

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