Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Victory over Evil - Part 2

Here is the rest of the great story from our friends Shane and Erin Latham.

"This Monday I went back to Adriana's house for our newly scheduled weekly Bible Study. We sat behind her house under a clear blue sky, beneath an orange tree. Adriana had some pressing questions that needed to be answered. Since our first update about this situation, I had received counsel from different people who live in Brazil and had dealt with former spritists who had changed camps. Some of the counsel had to do with renouncing everything about the past life and burning all of the materials that were accumulated over the time of the person's involvement in that religion. So I asked Adriana how she felt about renouncing things from the past, including dedications that she had made and things she had allowed to come into her life. She said that pastor Eduardo had preached about renouncing things during the message on Sunday and that she knew she couldn't take communion because she hadn't renounced anything yet although she was sure of her decision and there was no way she was going to give up on living for God. Then I asked her if she still had things in her home associated with her religion. She said that she had a lot of stuff. She said that she had a skirt that was made with such love and care, and it was such a beautiful thing. She said, "I don't know what I should do with it. I don't know if I should just keep it stored away somewhere, if I should give it to someone else or if I should burn it." The moment she talked about burning it, ashes started falling all around us! Huge ashes and little ones were falling on the table and on the open Bible. They fell on our skin and my backpack and in our hair. We just looked nervously at each other and continued on in prayer. Shortly after that, I asked Adriana if there had been a time when she had dedicated her family or her house or marriage or children as a kind of deal during her time in her religion. At this moment, her autistic son came running right toward us with absolutely nothing on screaming his head off. Adriana got up and stopped him before he reached us and looked embarrassed and said that this happens all the time. I began praying to the Lord out loud asking for His wisdom and protection, for He is so much greater than any earthly power. Things calmed down, and once again we began talking about Adriana feeling in her heart that she needed to renounce everything and destroy all of her things. We ended up in prayer that afternoon, but no decisions had been made on the part of Adriana to do away with her stuff.
That night as I finished up with my girls group, Adriana showed up at our door with a bag full of religious articles, including the skirt. Shane told her if that wasn't all of it that there was no use even doing away with half of it. She said she had a lot of stuff at the spiritist house she is acossiated with in the Caveirá neighborhood, even a bone she stole at night from a cemitary as part of her last ritual to become a "mother saint". We told her never to go back there but to clean out her own house thoroughly. She went home and we prayed at our house with a group of people. Then, Shane and I went with four others to Adriana's home. As we got out of the truck we could hear Ruan (Adriana's autistic son) screaming and going crazy. Adriana came out and greeted us. She asked that before anything was done, if we could explain to her other children what we were doing. We had a great time getting to know her family better, and explaining what was going on. Our worship leader prayed with the children, and then we went out behind Adriana's house to help her burn her stuff. She had gathered more things and she was ready to get rid of all of it, with no doubts and no regrets. Shane lit the fire and we sang worship songs as the flames consumed all the things in the fire. Shane smashed a stone image and a bottle of perfume that was supposed to save her marriage. As the fire began to die toward the end, we were still praying and singing. Shane began pulling dirt over the dying fire as we sang these words: "The Lord of the army is lifting up a powerful people on the earth, and the gates of hell will not prevail over this victorious people. Every time Shane covered the ashes, great flames burst out. They did this during the whole first part of the song. Finally we were at a part of the song that goes like this: "The people that were freed from the devil, whom reigns over his works, these people march forward to the promise land". The fire made one last great burst of flame and died completely. Everything just went black. Shane prayed: "Lord, We return these elements to the earth from which they were stolen. They were originally created to praise You but they were used for evil and now we give them back and renounce all agreements that were made through them. Amen." Adriana prayed and renounced any part in her former belief and then just started singing and clapping with joy. She was so happy, we were all amazed at God's power of transformation in her life.
Thanks for your prayers,

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Anonymous said...

Very awesome story, thanks for sharing! Praise the Lord...

Mike Powell, Georgetown KY