Monday, May 12, 2008

Prayer Requests for PoA Church Planters - André Luís and Ivone

André Luís is a sergeant in the Brazilian army, a seminary student, a pastor, and is in the process of becoming a church planter. He took over a church in a city 1 1/2 hours away from where he lives that was down to 4 people, and has built it up to a congregation of about 20 adults and 20 more children. He has a tremendous vision not only to see his church grow, but to see 16 more churches started in the city of General Câmera and the four surrounding cities. André Luis wrote today and said:

"I have a lot that I could share about my ministry and also about everything that God is doing in General Camera and the region. But, I would like to ask you...that you would specifically pray about some attacks that Satan is launching against the work that we intend to carry out in the region.

If it is possible for you to ask your intercessors to pray for us, that would be good. Ever since I started the ministry in General Camera, there were some things that needed to be organized and some positions that I needed to take. When I made the decisions following God's direction, things started to get complicated, and some barriers started to be raised, trying to keep me from working there. Despite this, I decided to do what God told me to do. I rented a house in General Camera, and I started to direct the church in the area of training. I also started family groups, and I started the process of beginning preaching points in the region. As soon as I started this, many unnatural things have happened. Two Sundays ago, after a week full of victories (including Jeff being with me on Sunday, but the victories were throughout the entire holiday weekend), on my return from General Camera that night, when I went to pick up my kids, my car was broken into and they stole everything we had in the car, including all of our bags with our clothes, my bookbag, and everything. This Sunday, on my way back, one of the water hoses on the car broke and I didn't notice it, and the motor locked up and it appears that it destroyed the entire motor. I had to be towed home. These are just two of the primary examples of things that have happened in the last month.

I believe in a powerful God, but I know that the enemy of our souls is not happy with God's purposes for that region. So I ask you to pray for me, for Ivone, and for my children Jonathan and Jessica. Also pray that God will free that region from the hands of Satan...

On the 7th of June, I will be with Jeff again, and will be holding an evangelism impact and getting ready for July, when I will be receiving 12 (short-term Brazilian missionaries). I believe that this is also a motive for prayer...May God bless you, André Luis."


cicero dutra said...

Desejo tudo bem bom e que Deus ti ajude a realizer todos os seu sonhos, se poder me responderr este email ficarei muito agradecido pois tenho um grande favor a pedir eu tenho um irmao que mora em Monte Alegre e nao tenho notias ha muito tempo e se reseber seu email enviarei mais inf, sobre ele Mil obrigado desde ja pela a sua atensao cicero dutra

Jeff Dunson said...

Olá irmão,

No momento, não estou em RS - estamos nos EUA por alguns mêses - desculpe!