Monday, May 12, 2008

Prayer requests for PoA church planters - Delton and Fatima

Delton and Fatima are a couple from São Paulo who moved to Porto Alegre a little over a year ago to plant a church in the neighborhood called "Vila Jardim." This is a crime and drug-ridden neighborhood full of spiritist witch doctors. While they are doing excellent work and God is using them in wonderful ways, they have faced a series of challenges during their time here.

Their latest challenge is that Delton's sister Claudia, who lives in a small city in the state of São Paulo, has a severe case of cancer. They travelled to be with her a few weeks ago. She has tumors in her lungs, around her heart, and on her neck, and the cancer is throughout her entire body. She was wracked with constant fever and could barely get out of bed. The doctors are giving her massive doses of radiation for lack of anything better to do, have given up hope, and have given her between days and weeks to live.

However, many people have been praying for Claudia. Today Delton wrote "thank you for your prayers in favor of my sister Claudia. These prayers have had powerful effects. She had a reduction in the size of the tumor, which has been confirmed by the medical team, and she has gone for 6 days without fever and is eating very well. So, we need to continue our prayers until we achieve the grace of our Lord. Thank you for your support and shortly we will be able to share what God is doing through all of this. May God richly bless you in Jesus name, Delton."

Please join us in thanking God for the healing He is working Claudia's life, and pray that God will completely heal her, and that HE will recieve all of the glory and honor for doing so. Also, please thank God for Delton and Fatima's ministry here in PoA, and ask Him to use this to grow them and to richly bless their ministry and the church plant in Vila Jardim.

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