Monday, April 21, 2008

More Team Testimonies

Here's another quote from one of our recent American volunteer team members:

"I really don't know where to start. So I'll just start throwing it out there. I pray to God everyday to thank Him for allowing Lynn and I to have experienced what we experienced in Brazil. I thank our church for the emphasis they put on doing mission work at home and throughout the world. I deeply appreciate what Chuck and Herb do in the field of evangelism and their dedication. But, I have to say that my appreciation of what you do and your family, the sacrifices you all make on a daily basis, was not truly appreciated or realized. This trip was an eye opener for Lynn and I. Even though we are know about these things, we were somewhat ignorant. I am sure that Jesus smiles and is pleased every time he thinks about your family and the other missionaries that are dedicated to spreading His word. I just can not express our gratitude for the 'translator's' and how comfortable and welcome they made us feel. Although I used the word translators, I think that it no longer speaks about who they are and what they meant to us. I am sure I speak for our group in that even in the short time span we had together that we have just expanded our families. One thing about most families is that they come without you choosing who will be in them. This is not the case here. There isn't one I would not be proud of to have as a member of my family." God Bless, Fred


Kevin Bart said...

Dear Jeff,

We are missioinaries living in the Sao Paulo area. We are Southern Baptists but are not here with the IMB or any organization. I found your blog and wanted to say hello. If you would like you can visit our blog at:

or our website at:

Take care and God bless.

Kevin Bart

Jeff Dunson said...

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for stopping by to say hello. It's always nice to "meet" a fellow missionary. I enjoyed checking out your blog - may God richly bless you and your ministry.