Friday, March 14, 2008

FBC Oveido Team

Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf and on behalf of our volunteer teams. Your prayers were both felt and observed in very real ways during the last week. Despite intense spiritual opposition ranging from accidents, sickness, relational problems, and scheduling conflicts, God answered your prayers and showed Himself to be far stronger than the obstacles that were thrown in our way.

The team of 6 from FBC Oviedo, FL left early this morning after five days of ministry. I don’t have exact numbers yet, but they conducted nearly 70 intensive Bible studies in the homes of unbelievers, led in 3 worship services, and trained 12 current and future Baptist leaders in evangelism techniques and strategy. The result of all of this was more than 70 initial decisions to follow Christ, 1 church plant started from scratch, a significant boost to another church plant, and the strengthening of two existing churches. In addition, the team from Belgrade Baptist in Montana conducted numerous sports clinics and opened up a number of long-term ministry opportunities in the public school system for these churches and church plants. The Montana team will be returning home early next week.

We praise God for His faithfulness and guidance during this intense week of ministry. We had the privilege of seeing Him work radical transformations in the lives of many people – both people who received God’s gift of eternal life for the first time, as well as believers who were trained in how to share their faith and encouraged by seeing God’s hand at work around them. It was incredible to see a young woman and her mother rejoicing and embracing for over five minutes as they celebrated the new life in Christ of five of their friends that they had quite literally been praying for and witnessing to for several decades. God is good!

We would ask you to continue in prayer for us and the follow up efforts from the team. The pattern we have seen multiple times in the past is that the forces of evil do not only attack before and during a major push into their territory, but afterwards as well. Please pray for protection and guidance for us, the team members, and the church planters and believers who worked with us, as well as for those who are beginning their walk with Christ. Please pray as well that each one of these new believers would grow and flourish in their walk with Christ, and become strong, reproducing members of these new churches.

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and your partnership with us in reaching urban Gaúchos with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The difference when God’s people unite to pray is very obvious to those of us here on the ground – we can’t do it without you.


Anonymous said...

Hello mudguy,I am Budd Dunson from Nashville,Arkansas and came across your blog and enjoyed reading it.I asked God to save me the nite before I turned 15 years old and that has been the one constant in my life since.You and your family will be added to my prayers.I attend County Line Baptist a missionary Baptist church and just thought I would say hello.

Jeff Dunson said...

Hi Budd,

Thanks for the comment - it's always good to meet another brother in Christ. There aren't too many of us Dunsons out there - is your family all from Arkansas? My family roots are mostly from Georgia.