Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pray for the Cunninghams

Paul and Keri Cunningham and their four children arrived in Brazil on the 25th of this month. They will be living in Porto Alegre and serving as the volunteer coordinators for Southern Brazil after they finish their 6 months of language study in Campinas.

Please pray for them now - they are having a hard time of it. Immediately after arriving, one of their twin baby boys got sick. He is running an extremely high fever and has sores on the top of his mouth that make it painful for him to eat or drink. They have been in the country for just two days, and they have already been to the hospital with him two times. Because he is in pain, he's not sleeping, and when the baby doesn't sleep, nobody sleeps!

On top of that, they are dealing with all of the "normal" culture shock things - not understanding anything anyone says, a feeling of being locked in behind burglar bars, new food, culture, etc.

Please pray for the Cunninghams - ask for God to heal Pierce and help everyone rest. Ask Him to watch over and protect them and to give them His peace. And thank God that he has brought them here!


Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father, I pray that you please heal Pierce! Please cause the sores in his mouth to go away and the pain to reside so that everyone in the family can rest and enjoy their new walk with you in Brazil! Lord, I pray that you bind Satan and all of his pitiful helpers from the Cunningham family. Send angels to protect them and minister to them. Holy Spirit please pour out your peace and confirmation upon them and do not let them be discouraged. Holy Spirit please grant them the gift of tongues so that they may quickly lean to communicate in the new language! In addition, help them to be able to interpret the new language. Lord please also protect Jeff and his family. Help them to help others bring glory and honor to you. I pray to you Father, through Jesus, and in the power of the Holy Spirit! AMEN…

Mike Powell, Georgetown KY

Kerri said...

Our family is praying for the Cunninghams. Please keep us updated.


Jeff Dunson said...

Thanks for your prayers.

The Cunninghams are doing better - you can check out news about them at: