Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just in Case there Was Any Doubt

Just in case there was any doubt in any of our minds of the link between official Roman Catholicism in Brazil and African Spritism, the ceremonies taking place in Rio Grande do Sul this week should put those to rest. Here is my translation of an article in today's newspaper.

"Last night, thousands of people gathered along the coastline to celebrate Iemanjá, the Afro-Brazilian goddess of the sea and of beauty. There were fireworks, traditional foods, and witchraft ceremonies in honor of the goddess. There is a two meter tall statue of the goddess at the entrance of Cassino, the city where the celebration begins.

Meanwhile, in the city of Pelotas this morning, there was a mass celebrated at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church. After the mass, a large group of the faithful began a processional with the statue of "Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes," (Our Lady of the Navegators = Mary). The statue of Mary traveled to the coastline on a firetruck, (an honor usually reserved for dignitaries buring buried or championship soccer teams). The statue of Mary will then travel by boat to meet up with the statue of Iemanjá (who is the parallel to Mary in Afro-Brazilian Spiritism) at the "Pool of Pleasures". The union of the Catholic and Umbanda (Spiritist) festivals is traditional in Pelotas."

In short,Catholicism and Spiritism are inextricably linked here in RS.


Kerri said...

Thanks for this. It's very informative. Could I share this post on my blog through a link sometime in the next couple of weeks? It would be for educational purposes. If you're uncomfortable with that, I understand.

Kerri Hamilton

Jeff Dunson said...


You're more than welcome to share this post (or anything else on any of our blogs) however you would like - that's why we blog :)

My blog is more ministry / prayer / get people involved with the Gaúchos oriented, while Cam's is more family / devotional etc.

We just got the official word about you coming down from Mark Johnson (our Strategy Facilitator) last week. We're excited about you coming and for the chance to get some new neighbors (you'll be about 3 hours away).

Let's keep in touch,


Kerri said...

Awesome! Thanks Jeff. Let's do keep in touch. We're looking forward to getting to meet you and your family sometime in the future.