Sunday, November 04, 2007

The CAM room

A few weeks ago, our skype rang on the computer, and we saw that it was the Lexington Baptist Association calling us. They have just set up a video conferencing room using skype and a large screen monitor mounted on the wall. The idea is that any church from the assocation can come to the offices and call missionaries on the field. They are calling their room the CAM (as in camera) room. They were in the process of setting it up and called Jeff and CAM Dunson to see if it worked. Coincidence? I think not!

Last night, we had a live videoconference with our volunteer team from Springdale Baptist Church that will be arriving in a week. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend an hour (free!) talking about logistics, preparing for the trip, sharing concerns, rejoicing in answered prayer, and praying together.

So - is the CAM room a good idea? You bet. I think that it should standard procedure for mission teams preparing to come. And if there are every any royalty checks that come out of the naming rights, well, now you know who to send them to :)

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