Monday, October 15, 2007

A somewhat gruesome reminder of how Gaúcho it really is here

I was teaching an evangelism training for a new church plant the other day and we went out to eat after the teaching time. I asked the church planter if he was from Rio Grande do Sul (RS), and a series of snickers went around the table, and his wife got a smug smirk on her face.

With a resigned sigh, he explained to me that while he was born in RS and his father was Gaúcho, his mother was from Santa Catarina, the state immediately North of RS. While that would qualify in almost anyone's definition of being from somewhere, it wasn't enough for the "true Gaúchos." When I asked his wife about where she was from, she told me that her father was from Santa Catarina, and that she was born there, but her mother was from RS. However, she informed me that she was a true Gaúcho. I pointed out that she was less Gaúcho than her husband, to which she replied "I was bathed in the blood of a Gaúcha when I was born, therefore, I'm a true Gaúcha!" (I.e. her mom was from here)

OK!!!....Only someone who has lived here can understand how that logic works, but it's yet one more example of how incredibly Gaúcho it is here, even in modern, metropolitan Porto Alegre.

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