Saturday, September 22, 2007

Month of Prayer for the Gaúcho People - Week 4

Welcome to PoA, capital city of the state of RS, home of the Brazilian cowboy and the economic hub for Southern South America. The International Mission Board’s TEAM GAUCHO is responsible for targeting the 4.5 million people living in the urban area in and around Porto Alegre, as well as the Northern Coastline of the state.

TEAM GAUCHO helps Brazilians to start new churches in simple, reproducible ways so that these new groups of believers can start new churches themselves.

For example, this new congregation in the satellite city of São Leopoldo started from evangelistic Bible studies in the homes of several different adult children of spiritist mediums. A number were saved, and met as separate house churches for some time. Now, the church has rented a facility and started large-scale public worship services.

This church was started by a couple who learned how to start new churches from a member of TEAM GAUCHO. They meet in a simple home in a slum, and are spreading their faith to others in their neighborhood.

TEAM GAUCHO also works to help establish and strengthen new church starts through the use of American volunteers. These volunteers come for a week or two and evangelize through personal evangelism and evangelistic impacts in conjunction with members of the local church which is being started. These new believers are trained in evangelism by the team, and those who are saved as a result of the work of the team are folded into the new churches.

We would like to introduce you to our IMB missionaries on Team Gaucho and let you know how you can pray for them.

Jeff and Cam Dunson have served as church planters, as well in the training and equipping of new church planters and in evangelistic support ministries to help new churches in PoA get off the ground. Jeff took over the position of Strategy Coordinator in 2007 and is responsible for developing strategies to encourage the rapid multiplication of new churches.

Bill and Cheryl Arbo are focusing on starting churches among the upper class in Porto Alegre. Professional Gauchos can be hard to reach, as their circles of friendships tend to be closed and they spend much of their lives behind well guarded walls and fences. However, the Arbos have a gift for building relationships in creative ways. Whether it is by forming friendships with the leaders of the local police force, reaching out to students in an English school, or ministering to sick neighbors, God is giving them access to the upper class.

Larry and Marla Green served in the Northern Brazilian state of Pará as church planters and evangelists. The Greens arrived in PoA in June of 2007 and will be working as church planters among the lower middle class.

Will you commit to pray for Team Gaucho?

1. Pray that God would show the members of TEAM GAUCHO the best way to find and train new church planters and start new churches.
2. Pray that new churches would be started and would quickly start new churches themselves.
3. Pray that God would protect the members of TEAM GAUCHO and give them a special anointing of His Holy Spirit to reach the people of MPoA for Jesus.
4. Pray that God would pour out His Holy Spirit and bring many Gauchos to Christ through the work of TEAM GAUCHO.

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