Saturday, September 08, 2007

Month of Prayer for the Gaúcho People - Week 2

Rio Grande do Sul is the Southernmost state in Brazil and is a land of stunning beauty. From soaring mountains to untouched beaches, majestic rivers, pristine forests and endless plains full of cattle, it is a land truly blessed by God.

RS is also a state full of small towns and cities, as well as a huge metropolis with more than 2 million people. However, RS’s greatness is not only in it’s natural beauty or its modern industrial cities, but also in its kind and hospitable people – the Gaúchos.

In the so-called interior portions of the state, or areas outside the capital city of Porto Alegre, more than 6 million people live in 400 counties – and all of them have something in common – they need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The people have a tremendous pride in being Gaúcho. They are a people who have a rich history and yet also have a desire to move on toward a better future.

The needs are great. There are people living in terrible poverty, tremendous spiritual confusion, people living under the power of addictions, and pursuing the things of this world, all without peace, without joy, and without hope.

The Gaúchos need Jesus. They need the salvation, joy, and victory that only He can bring. But how can they meet Jesus? Someone needs to take the message. We have the responsibility to speak with each Gaúcho about Jesus Christ.

There are less than 70 Baptist Churches in the interior and we have the privilege and responsibility to proclaim God’s Word, disciple new believers, and help churches to multiply and grow. How can we do this?

Team Interior RS (or Team IRS) is stepping into the gap by training churches in evangelism, promoting the study of the Word of God, training leaders and new teams for the work, and helping start new churches.

Imagine church members trained to better their churches, churches with a vision to reach all peoples, tribes, and communities with the Gospel, churches planting new churches in every corner of RS. Would you commit to being a part of this plan?

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