Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Volunteer Team Diary - Day 2

8:30 - The team met at the party room in our apartment building for a time of training in the evangelism method they would be using during the week. During this time, we paired them up with their translators and we all learned how to use Billy Graham's "Steps to peace with God" tract with the added emphasis and illustrations.

12:30 - The team and translators eat lunch at a local mall food court, and then go to a local craft fair at a large city park where many people hang out on the weekends. Despite the light drizzle, we decide to spend an hour hanging around shopping. An hour goes by. Two hours go by. Team members are still missing. Jeff is deciding to practice what he preaches and be flexible. It turns out that in the meantime, three people have gotten saved as a result of the team's taking advantage of opportunities (who can complain about that?), and instead of going back to the hotel, we go straight to the new church plant in the Partenon neighborhood of Porto Alegre.

17:30 - We show up in Partenon and ask the pastor to take us on a prayer walk in the neighborhood. Despite the persistant rain, we walk down the block, stopping to pray in front of the spiritist worship site next to the church, the Prostitution motel five doors down, and the corner where sacrifices are offered to false Gods - all in a half block. We also pray for the church's witness to dependents of inmates who wait in lines in the neighborhood to get into the prison for visits, as well as that God will break down the power of the satanic church a block farther down the road. During our prayer time under the tree (because of the rain), fireworks explode all around as one of the local teams wins the final game of the state professional soccer championship.

19:00 - I'm standing around the back of the church trying to work out the order of service with the pastor. We settle on an introduction of the team after worship, followed by testimonies and a sermon by one of the team members. The pastor, who had assured me that he had plenty of pre-scheduled visits lined up, tells me that we need to encourage the church to start scheduling visits for the work on Wednesday and Thursday - we're being flexible :) After an extremely animated worship time, the volunteer team does it's part. Chuck, the new team leader, gives the message and does a good job. I follow the message with an impassioned plea for them to get involved in evangelism and to schedule us some visits. Time will tell if they got the message.

21:00 - Dinner at the McDonalds with the incredible city overlook. Unfortunately, the balcony was locked off and it was raining - oh well, we're being flexible!

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