Wednesday, March 14, 2007

House Church photos

Last year, I taught church planting at the Baptist Seminary in Porto Alegre. André and Sidnéia (read his church planting testimony here) were one of the couples I taught who started a church in the satellite city of Gravataí during their time in class. They were preparing to do an internship with Shane and Erin Latham, missionaries from another Baptist agency, and the class assignment to start the seed of a new church fit in well with how God was leading them. A year later, you can see the fruit of their joint ministry as a church planters in the photos below. While we only had a very small influence from afar, we rejoice with them in what God has done. Enjoy the pictures of the new believers and seekers in this new house church.

Also, pray about our possible involvement with this group. The missionaries they have been working with are leaving for furlough, and have asked us to come alongside the work. We are praying about and investigating this possibility, as well as considering bringing in an evangelistic team of volunteers to help boost the work there.

Pray as well for André and Sidnéia, as they have recently suffered some financial losses - ask that God would provide for all of their needs. Finally, please pray that this house church will grow and multiply, and that in a short time, we will be able to rejoice in a flood of new churches spreading througout Metropolitan Porto Alegre and beyond.

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GuyMuse said...

Really exciting stuff! I like the slide show feature and hope to download it myself!