Thursday, March 01, 2007

Evangelism? It's a roaring good time

Last weekend, I taught an evangelism training workshop at a local Baptist church. I trained 29 members of the church in personal evangelism techniques, as well as teaching how to go about setting up an evangelism focus and how to disciple new believers. On Saturday afternoon, we divided up into groups went out to pre-scheduled homes with interested seekers to put our new-found skills into practice. The first home I went with my team was that of a lady who was the leader of a neighborhood association in a new, lower-class neighborhood that was being built. We arrived a few minutes late, and she had apparently given up on us and had taken some very powerful sleeping pills to help her get an afternoon nap. We decided to head down the street to the home of one of our team members to wait a little while and see if she would wake up.

We were sitting in his humble shack drinking chimmarrão (Gaucho tea out of a gourd) and talking when all of a sudden, there was an incredibly loud groaning, rumbling roaring sound that went on for several minutes. The family that lived there ignored it and simply shouted over the noise. The rest of us were completely perplexed, and when the noise finally stopped, asked what it was.

It turns out that there are 8-9 real live lions that live immediately behind their house! The former mayor of the town had a piece of land on the edge of town where he kept his toys, including his pride of lions. Since then, the town has grown up around his property. So, their house is separated from the lions only by their cage and a thin sheet of galvanized tin. About every 10 minutes, the lions get to roaring and fighting, and the noise is absolutely unbelievable.

I have had the chance to minister in a lot of strange and exotic places, but this was a first! The best part, though, is that the 3 member evangelism team that I went out with is planning on starting a new outreach/fellowship group in this home. Please pray that the "lion shack" will grow to be a strong, self-supporting new church to God's glory. At least they won't have to worry about any robbers coming in through the back yard....


Uncle Bill said...

Sounds like a sermon on Daniel 6 would be helpful, bringing in 1 Peter 5:8-9... and then tying it all together with Revelation 5:5. :)

N'omi said...

Well, wonder of wonders, Jeff the Baptist!!!

First I saw a chicken at your staff meeting in the street, then it was a pig following you and a group of kids up a dusty road, and now you're among lions!!!! Seems progressive somehow...

Not following lions but,
Following the Lamb in West Columbia,