Saturday, February 17, 2007

A New Role for the New Year

For the last year and a half, we have been serving under Mark Ellis, our Strategy Coordinator (SC) for Metropolitan Porto Alegre (POA). We have just learned that Mark and his family will be moving to Campinas, SP to devote full-time responsibility to Project SEDI, which is a project to record seminary classes on DVD to make them available to potential leaders who cannot attend a convencional seminary. We will miss Mark and Diane and wish them God's richest blessings in this new venture.

I was asked yesterday to assume the SC duties in Mark's place. I've already been asked by several people: What is an SC anyway?

As Strategy Coordinator for Team Gaucho, I’ll be responsible for developing and implementing the overall strategy for reaching metropolitan Porto Alegre. This means researching needs and finding ways to meet them, networking with our Baptist Partners, other missions agencies, and other denominations, supervising, training, and orienting new personnel and existing IMB folks, doing a bunch of administrative stuff like dealing with mission property in POA, recruiting new personnel, and being chief cheerleader and advocate for the Gaucho People in POA. Long story short, I’m the new IMB team leader and bottle washer for metro POA. At this point, it means that I’ve got a bunch of administrative stuff looming that I didn’t used to have to worry about just two days ago - but that's ok :)

I'm excited about the prospects ahead for Team Gaucho and the chance to serve as a bridge between believers in the USA (and elsewhere) and the needs in Porto Alegre. I'm excited about the chance to recruit and help develop new personnel to fulfill their God-given ministries in POA. I'm excited about serving as a liason with national believers and helping equip them to multiply their churches and expand the Kingdom of God. I'm also humbled by the responsibility and the gigantic task before us: 3.5 million people, dozens of counties, many people groups and a host of population segments remain unreached in POA. Won't you commit to pray for us and for the Gauchos? Please pray for wisdom for us in this new role, and ask God to raise up workers for the harvest.


marcia said...

CONGRATS Jeff!! We'll sure continue to pray for you and the family. Ah, paperwork...need a secretary?? :) God bless you man, and the work He has so abley prepared you for!!

N'omi! said...

Just meet us at the airport when we begin arriving for mission trips!!! We are prepared and armed and dangerous!!! Dianne Lee and I discussed Sunday that we want to go on the southern trip this year....whenever it is set.