Sunday, January 21, 2007

The "John the Baptist Fast"

As someone who has fasted on occasion and realizes that I should fast much more than I currently do, I have watched with interest and some bemusement the saga of my wife Cam's blogs on food and fasting. Her Southern Baptist readership has soared when she posts yummy recipes, and yet plummeted when she posts on fasting. On the other hand, readership from other Christian groups has gone through the roof in the last few weeks as many others rush to fast in the new year (resolutions?). Many people are searching for information on the "Daniel Fast," which Biblically, would more appropriately called the "Daniel religious protest diet." When Daniel did fast, we don't have a lot of information on what he did.

On the other hand, we have a great deal of information on what John the Baptist did and did not eat while he was in the wilderness. We know that he ate locusts and wild honey. As a Nazerite from birth, he did not eat grapes, raisins, or drink wine. Jesus called John the greatest man of God who had ever lived until that point - greater even, than Daniel. So why aren't we rushing to do a John the Baptist fast?

Cam pointed out that it is difficult to find locusts in most areas. However, one can buy live grasshoppers(which are anatomically identical to locusts) and crickets in a majority of fishing supply stores and bait shops in the United States. If grasshoppers can't be found, crickets are probably a good functional substitute, as they have the same crunchy exoskeleton and succulent center. When combined with sweet wild honey, they should be a tasty treat that would appeal to even the most hard-core faster.'s to the new John the Baptist fast craze. I'm thinking of writing a book, but first, I'm off to try to track down some locusts right now - or...maybe not. All of a sudden, Daniel is looking pretty good.


Uncle Bill said...

I hear that the legs can get stuck in your teeth... worse than popcorn...

Tom said...

I'm gonna stick to my Noah fast... two of everything!