Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Termites, termites, termites....

Ever since we moved in to our apartment a year or so ago, we have noticed a little bit of sawdust from time to time in the closets. We never really thought much about it, but finally it occurred to us that we might have termites. After making sure that we would have enough money in our property maintenance budget, we called an exterminator.

The exterminator was scheduled to come on Wednesday afternoon. On Tuesday night, the termites launched a preemptive strike. I awoke on Wednesday morning to find Parker's room full of termites, termite wings and termite dust. They had swarmed during the night, trying to get out the screen in the window to find a new place to colonize (it was sort of like they were listening - kind of creepy, really). We started pulling everything out of the closets, only to find dust, chewed cardboard boxes, and termite leavings everywhere.

The termite guys came and pumped 20 liters of poison into our closets by drilling small holes in the wood and injecting in the poison. At one point, they squirted the poison in one hole, and a stream of dead termites came squirting out of another hole - yeah, pretty gross, I know. Anyway, fortunately, no long term damage seems to have been done, and we are currently on a crusade to inform everyone we meet to call an exterminator ASAP if they even suspect termites.

All of this started me thinking about those pet bad habits and sins that so many of us have. We have a few telltale signs on the surface, but nobody confronts us about it, and meanwhile, they are chewing the life out of us on the inside, and will eventually swarm out to try to take over other areas of our life. Just like the termites in our closets need to be mercilesly stomped out at the first sign of them, in the same way, we need to ruthlessly hunt down those little, easily excusible sins in our lives and allow God to wipe them out before they can cause permanant damage. I've seen too many pastors, leaders and missionaries fall into sin by allowing something to chew the spiritual life out of them and make them an empty shell just waiting to be easily toppled by some major, public sin.

Pray that I and all of our other missionaries will address any and all termites in our lives before they cause problems. There are temptations on the field that many in the USA will never experience, and we must remain completely pure if we are to maintain our testimonies and see God work through us. Here's to keeping short accounts with God!

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