Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We survived the youth team - and they survived us!

Hey everybody!

I'm sorry for the long delay in posting. We have had the blessing of hosting a youth volunteer team from First Baptist Church, Oviedo, FL for the last week or so. As such, we've been a little bit busy. This team has been faithful to come down and work in the Porto Alegre area for about eight years now. This year, the team was composed of 42 people divided up into two teams.

While I didn't blog for an extended time, the team was very dilligent and blogged every night (with pictures!). Here is their excellent blog for those who are interested in hearing about their trip from their perspective.

The genernal plan was for each one of the teams to perform three different evangelistic skits in multiple public schools throughout the course of the week. The skits are mime performed to music (and therefore get around the language barrier) and deal with the problems of drugs, alcohol, suicide, and violence, while presenting the solution for these problems that can be found in Christ. It is so refreshing to be able to go into PUBLIC schools and show students, teachers, and administrators the hope that Christ offers in the midst of desperate situations. Unfortunately, it's something that we would never be able to do in our home country. After every skit, a student would give his/her testimony relating to the skit. At the end of the presentations we would give a clear gospel presentation and link interested seekers in with a local Baptist pastor for follow-up.

It was refreshing to hear, in school after school, principals and teachers thanking us profusely for the message that was communicated. One thing a number of them said was "we got the message - it came through loud and clear - thank you!" The vast majority of these administrators and teachers are not believers in Jesus Christ, but recognized the importance of what was being communicated.

We also had the chance to present the skits in a number of church plants and in an open-air market/park right next to where a large group of "goth" teenagers were openly using drugs. Some of the results of FBC Oviedo's youth's service will be seen soon - some of it will not be seen until we reach heaven.

Please pray that the seed which was sown so abundantly will fall onto good soil. Also pray that the new believers who came to faith through the team's work will be incorporated into strong, Bible-teaching churches.

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