Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Convert Birthday bash

On Saturday, I did a discipleship study at Roberto and Cassia's house on the top of the hill in the slum behind the landfill. They and their teenage daughter Emily have all recently given their lives to Christ.

Emily will be having her 15th birthday next month. This is like a "sweet sixteen" birthday in the USA - it's a big deal. They want to have Emily's party in the community center, invite the youth praise band from the mother church, have a devotional, and celebrate with soft drinks. They are getting considerable pressure from their family to have a drunken bash in a nightclub instead.

It was so neat to hear them saying "it's strange - deciding to follow Christ has been a good thing for us - it has helped our family, but our relatives are giving us a really hard time and are ostracizing us. If we were doing something bad, they would be clapping their hands for us - it doesn't even make sense." Roberto went on to say "I want to invite our friends and family so they can see that we are different now."

Amen, Roberto! I have heard people with decades in the faith express far less conviction about their ideals - it was incredible to hear the stand they are taking for Christ despite the persecution from their family. Please pray that this family will confitnue to grow and that the birthday bash for Emily will be a great witness to their family and will result in growth for the Kingdom and new members for our church plants.

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Anonymous said...

May God strengthen Roberto, Cassio, and Emily in the face of the pressure from their family. May He use the birthday bash to reach out to their family and friends.