Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Last week in Vila Baum

One of the best parts of working with the youth group from FBC Oviedo is that the team I worked with most basically "adopted" Vila Baum (where our church plant is) as their own.

On Monday night, our school commitment in Porto Alegre fell through, so I took the team out to Vila Baum for a prayer walk. They saw the places were sacrifices are made to the African Gods, they meet some of the new believers who have come to Christ in the last few months, they prayed over the school and the Catholic church where they would later present, and they prayed in front of various places where the forces of evil are openly worshipped. As they did this, their awareness grew.

On Wednesday, the team spent most of their day presenting their evangelistic dramas in various schools in the area. The school in Vila Baum itself does not have an auditorium or sports court, so we presented IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH next door. God is good! On Thursday night, we returned for one last presentation in the Catholic Church for the adult GED students, and we invited the entire neighborhood to attend. We had a standing-room only crowd, including several people who have been influenced by the church plant. It was wonderful.

We invited everyone back for an evangelistic service in the community center on Saturday night. The youth band from a neighboring Baptist church led worship and a drama and Alexandre gave an evangelistic message. We had about half of the people who have been involved in Bible studies there, plus about 10 unbelievers. One of those families and a single mother expressed interest in beginning evangelistic Bible studies with us. Please pray that they will follow through and be saved. And pray that the many seeds which were so creatively and faithfully sown last week will bear fruit 30, 60, and 100 fold. Thanks FBC Oviedo Youth!

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Bob Berry said...

Hey Jeff! Glad to hear the news. Many of our team have talked about keeping you in their prayers. We are anxious to hear great things from Vila Baum and all your other work.

All God's blessings! - BB