Monday, October 23, 2006

Gaucho Barney?

I had a really strange experience this afternoon. Here I was, dutifully shoving beans and rice into my two year old son's mouth like a good Brazilian. As usual, Parker was watching Barney (yes, the dancing, singing purple dinosaur). The kids on the show were doing some sort of international fair, and all of a sudden, they start talking about Brazil. After talking about Carnaval (of course they did not mention the fights, drunkenness, debauchery, and ruined lives) and doing a little dance, they went on to mention the rain forest - nothing too different - just the standard American stereotypes about Brazil.

But wait! There was more! All of a sudden, they start talking about Brazilian cowboys, show a picture of some gauchos, whip out gaucho hats, and start doing a gaucho dance to very NON gaucho music (they also used the spanish pronunciation for gaucho, and not the portuguese one).

I sat there, flabbergasted to see a dancing purple dinosaur doing promotional work for my people group. God truly works in mysterious ways.

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