Friday, September 15, 2006

The Counter Attack - Prayer Needed!

On Sunday, I wrote about the wonderful time of worship and fellowship we had with the groups of believers that are forming in São Leopoldo. Yesterday, I learned about the concerted counter-attack by Satanic forces to try and squelch what God is doing. We urgently need your prayers and the prayers of your churches.

Nice, the spiritist witchdoctor with whom we have been studying, has been making open declarations for several weeks now about her intent to accept Christ. On Tuesday night, she suddenly backed off and said that she would not make a decision until her son Jean is cured of his diabetes. Jean is bedridden at her house, and while he reads the Bible, he tells his mom (who waits on him hand and foot and treats him like an infant) that it is her fault that he is sick because she is contemplating leaving witchraft and becoming a Christian. This beside the fact that he became sick long before she even contemplated studying the Bible. Nice will not let us go and talk to Jean directly, she only talks about him. Marta (one of our members who lives on the same street) ran into Nice on Monday and she was exhibiting signs of being possessed. Also, several of Nice's other children have started spreading half-truths and lies which are creating tension between Nice and Simão and Marta's family, as well as creating tension between them and Nice's other daughter Iara who is a new believer.

So...we have the witchdoctor who wanted to get saved, exhibiting signs of demon possession, discord being sown, and a sudden reversal of heart on making a commitment to Christ. All of this is direct spiritual warfare, and must be addressed as such.

Also, we started a Bible study with Eni on Saturday, and she and her husband Eunico and their entire family came to the service that night. He said that he felt really at home during the event. His father, who is a spiritist medium (and the father of two of our new believers), called him on his cell phone during the service and overheard a prayer in the background. He forbid them (they are adults, remember) from having any contact with us and from studying the Bible. Out of fear of crossing their father, they cancelled their Bible studies. Eni has been possessed before and was exhibited some signs of possible problems when it was time to read Scripture during her study on Saturday.

So...the spiritist medium has forbid his spiritually hungry adult children from being involved with believers.

Also, SuiLee, one of our new believers fell on Friday and was injured. On Tuesday, Lana, the teenage daughter of one of our other new believers fell and was injured.

Yesterday, in a span of less than two hours, both Cam and I very narrowly missed being in separate serious traffic accidents (through no fault of our own).

While I am not the type to see a demon behind every bush, even the new believers here have been able to identify what is going on as spiritual warfare. This battle must be fought on our knees. Please take these requests to your church prayer meetings, Sunday School classes, etc. and pray urgently for us and for the work here - God is FAR GREATER than Satan and is fully capable of resolving this,in response to the prayers of His people.

Please pray that:
That God would bind the demons so that Nice and Jean's eyes will be opened and that they and their entire family will renounce witchcraft and be saved.

That Eni and Eunico would stand up to their father, give their lives to Christ, and that their father would renounce his evil practices as well.

That God would not allow Satan to sow dicord among the believers or between them and unbelievers, and that all the lies would be revealed as such.

That God would protect our family and our spiritual family from any and all spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical attacks.

Thank you for your prayers.


Paige said...

Hi there ~

A close friend made me aware of the needs you shared here (via email). I have passed on these requests to people who have been faithful in my life as prayer warriors.

I found so many encouraging things here - I'll be back to read & continue to pray specifically. May I link your site here to my own blog (I don't want to create problems for you)?

May God continue to protect, lead & guide you & those you seek to serve.

wmj said...


You can be sure that I will be sharing your prayer concerns with anyone and everyone that I meet in Kentucky. I want to assure you that this message is being left with my prayers and concern for you, your family, and your ministry. God bless you. Our God reigns. wmj

Anonymous said...

Brother Jeff & family,
I met you at Welsh Baptist Church in Frostburg, MD on Oct. 31, 2004. I remember the date because it was the day I accepted God's call to the ministry! I am attending the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary right now.
I will start praying right away for God to bind those forces who are fighting you and our Lord right now. Sounds like you need His full armor! But we know that greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world! I know that the power of Almighty God will see this through according to His will. He is able, despite the opposition!! God bless you brother.
Jim Jeffries-Frostburg, MD

Jeff Dunson said...

I would be honored to have you link my site to your blog.

Thanks so much for your prayers and your encouraging words.


Jeff Dunson said...


Thanks so much for your prayers and support - we miss you down here and pray that things are going well in KY.

God Bless, Jeff

Jeff Dunson said...


It's great to hear from you! I clearly remember that very special night - it was a real encouragement to me to see God working in your lives. I'm so glad to know that you have followed God's call - don't give up! And keep in touch!

Thanks for your prayers,

Anonymous said...

We pray everyday for you and family.
Pedimos que Deus abençoe o9 seu ministério e os livre de todo o mal.
Deus tem muito pra fazer através de vcs aí nessa cidade.
Jeremiah 33.3
God bless you all.
Sayhara e família

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things about God calling my family to change our lives is that He used it to wake us up to the spiritual war going on all around us. I wish I had been a stronger man of faith so that I didn't have to hit the mission field to learn some of those lessons on a daily basis, but I'm so grateful that I'm learning them now.